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Lavender Wax Flower

Buying wholesale flowers online is not always a big savings if you would like to have a mix of different flowers.  Large farm sites often require that you buy like a floral distributor (4 - 10 bunches), but don't always give you the same price as they give those distributors.

I found out early that many of my brides needed to be able to buy in single bunches.  Although I started out intent on only selling floral hard goods, I added fresh flowers to my online store so DIY brides could have a choice of different flowers and greenery without having to buy such large quantities.

Be sure to check out my free online Wedding Flower Calculator.  I have used this system for years to determine exactly how many flowers I need for a wedding without going overboard and wasting product.  Be sure to keep track of your flower recipes, and use it when creating your designs so you don't run short of flowers before you are done.

Lavender wax flower is a favorite of mine.  I love the tiny star like flowers that make a beautiful accent in any wedding bouquet, corsage, boutonniere or centerpiece.

Many wholesale flower farms insist you buy up to ten bunches of wax flower . . . but what if you simply don't need that much?  I allow brides to buy single bunches of the flowers and greenery they need.  I'm not going to make claims that my flowers are "wholesale" - but it makes no sense to buy enormous quantities of flowers if you don't need that much.

With the money you save, you can actually buy the other supplies you will need to process those dry packed flowers, plus the bouquet holders, flower jewelry and other things you may like to add to your wedding designs!

Don't forget the products that make cut flower work last longer, such as Quick Dip and Finishing Touch.


Photo Courtesy Denis Savinov via Flickr

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