Wedding Flower Idea

Looking for fun ways to make
your wedding flowers unique?

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Tossing around a wedding flower idea or two? What's new in the wedding idea department? Floral designers have been busy this year coming up with ways to make your wedding flowers fabulous!

Fruit Wedding Centerpiece

Look for neat ways to incorporate fruit into your wedding decor. Line tables, mantles or altars with apples. Put them on picks and insert into a tall cone arrangement. How much fun is that?

Submerge Flowers into Vases

One of the hottest new ideas is to submerge your flowers INSIDE a clear glass vase rather than the traditional arrangement. So easy to do and lets the beauty of the vase be seen!

Create a Wedding Monogram with Flowers

Wedding monograms are everywhere. Use Oasis sheets to create YOURmonogram in flowers. Hang on doors, use on the sides of pews or hang behind your wedding table.

Create "Floating" Flowers

Using fine wire or monofilament strands, create "floating" flowers from just about anything. Be sure the flowers are well coated with a flower sealant like Crowning Glory to keep the flowers from wilting.

Create Flower in Layer Designs

Flowers stacked in layers in a vertical design can be tucked in anywhere.

Create Interesting Vases
for your Bridal Tables

Wire is everywhere now! Here a wedding bouquet collar by Oasis has been used to make a plain clear vase SOOOO much more interesting!

Above photos courtesy of John Henry. All rights reserved.

Use Oasis Colored Foam Using
Live Plants as Wedding Decor

Fill a large clear vase with colored Oasis Designer Foam and put live plants everywhere in your wedding decorating.

There are many more ideas on this site. Check out Themed Weddings for everything from Beach Weddings to Farm Weddings! Wedding bouquet pictures are everywhere!

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