Wedding Flower Centerpieces

Round Flower Ball

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This round flower ball makes very special wedding flower centerpieces.  Don't be deceived, however  . . . this design takes a LOT of flowers.

It is very easy to do and the colors can be easily changed to match your own wedding palette.

Here is a list of the products you will need:

This design takes more patience than skill.  Be sure to float soak the Oasis ball in water treated with cut flower food.  Cut the stems of the flowers about 1 1/2" to 2" long. 

Carefully insert the flowers only once.  Fluff out the carnations to be sure you get full advantage of the entire flower.  This means if the flower is still tight that you pinch the bulb of the flower gently and then use your fingers to lightly spread out the petals in a gentle downward stroke to open the flower up fully.

I suggest you fill the ball first with the carnations and then evenly distribute the Gerberas and the roses around the ball circumference.

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