Wedding Flower Centerpieces

Miniature Topiary

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A dainty topiary is made using sweetheart roses and a taper candle glass holder from a discount store.  These centerpieces make up quickly and look divine on both wedding and shower tables.

Suggested retail:  $24.00

Using heavy duty wire cutter, cut the handle off the Belle bouquet holder so it is a short stub.  Soak the holder in water that has been treated with fresh flower food.

Line the top edge and the well of the candlestick with white florist clay.  Dry the bottom of the bouquet holder before pushing it firmly into the top of the glass candlestick.

Cut the sweetheart roses off stems and insert into bouquet foam.  Keep them all the same length and create a rounded ball effect.

Glue the flower stems with Floralock with small squirts once the centerpiece is finished.

Mist well with Finishing Touch.  Store in cool place away from heat vents.  Re-water foam each day until event.

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