Wedding Flower Centerpieces

Easy Cube Vase Arrangement

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These wedding flower centerpieces are easily adapted for either a high look or a lower, close to the table look.  Simply cut the taller flowers down for a close packed arrangement that will look beautiful in the center of your reception tables.

Keep the taller look for buffet tables or as dramatic centerpieces for the cake or gift tables.

I can ship the square vases if you need - but I usually recommend that brides check out their local dollar stores for inexpensive vases.  They are often available at a much lower price than you would pay through a floral wholesaler.   I'm all about saving money!

Change the colors or even the flower varieties to create your own unique look or match your wedding pallet.  Be sure to comparison shop for your bulk wedding flowers. 

Many of my competitors insist you buy large amounts of a single flower, making it difficult to create any look that has multiple flowers it in.  I sell DIY brides single bunches of flowers and greenery at reasonable prices, allowing you more creativity in your wedding flowers.

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