Wedding Flower Arrangements

Wedding flower arrangements for the reception hall - both beautiful and easier to do than you think! Get ideas for your own wedding reception by checking out the links below.

Seasonal Theme Flowers

Want to see lovely fall centerpieces? I also have a page for larger pieces that would be lovely to greet your guests as they arrive in the foyer of your reception hall.

Spring flowers bring tulips to mind.

Stunning Centerpieces

Truly awesome centerpieces can be enhanced with uplighting, unusual containers and innovative designs. If you really want something novel, be sure to visit my page on Fish Centerpieces.

Inexpensive Centerpieces

On the other hand, are you stretching the dollars in your budget? Cheap centerpieces can still look wonderful. By using unique ideas such as breakaway table decor, accenting with tissue or ribbon, or incorporating unusual containers can still make your reception hall stand out from the normal "ho hum" arrangements!

Check out more ideas for an inexpensive centerpieces here.

"Something Different" Centerpiece Ideas

The newest centerpiece ideas include submerging flowers, using grasses in interesting ways and "stepping out of the box" with novel containers and "gift box" decor.

Create more interest with centerpieces that sparkle with bling, are dressed with satin and incorporate pillar candles.

Take a risk with more modern centerpiece designing with colorful foam or decorative rock. Topiaries and round centerpieces create beautiful displays for your dining tables. Unusual floral designs have an Asian flair with interesting greens and decorative wire. It also includes a totally new look for a dozen roses!

You can even decorate your champagne bottles for that very special toasting ceremony! Get a cool contemporary look with black and white . . . or a slick way to use flower stems.

Banquet Table Decorations

Having a food buffet? Here are some lavish arrangements that will turn your feast into a gorgeous display. Layer pieces, elevate on draped boxes or accent individual plates with flower garnishes.

Head Table Decorations

The bride table needs to be very special - since all eyes will be focused on the wedding couple. See bridal table flowers that spill over the table edge or drape with a lavish garland of flowers.

Choosing a Centerpiece Design

Are you creating your own flower designs? If time is of an essence, choose easy centerpieces to make. Perhaps you prefer the traditional romance of taper candle centerpieces or ones with floating candles.

A little more color in mind? Check out ideas using Rainbow oasis! You can enjoy really hot colors with tropical flowers or bring in the bright colors with pillar candles.

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