Wedding Flower Arrangement

Extra-Large Wedding Reception Decorations

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A large wedding flower arrangement can serve as a focal point for all your wedding reception decorations. These wonderful designs will make it very hard to choose which is your favorite!

Punch Bowl Wreath

Let your punch bowl do double duty - serving refreshing drinks AND serving as a dramatic reception decoration! Coupled with large spheres of roses on top of clear glass vases, these arrangements will be a credit to your bridal table.

Roses and Lemons

This elegant centerpiece is not as hard as it looks to create. The fresh lemons create a light, citrus aroma that is delightful while eating.

White Centerpiece with Globe Center

This lush centerpiece has a 15" wreath base, a compote bowl filled with a large glass globe. You may choose to add drama by inserting battery lights in the center of the globe.

Votive Candelabra Table Arrangement

Large candelabras are easy to decorate when you lay a 12" Ring from Oasis, and an 18" ring on the bottom. Simply snip and fill with flowers. Add candles and you have a dramatic centerpiece. This arrangement's suggested retail price is $320 - and that doesn't include the candelabra! Think how easy (and for much cheaper) you could make this for your own wedding reception!

Floral Table Top Arch

This wedding table arrangement would look beautiful on a food table, as a backdrop for your wedding cake or a stunning arrangement over your gift card box. Red Dogwood branches give this dramatic arch flair.

Above Photos courtesy John Henry. All rights reserved.

Masses of Roses

Masses of yellow roses simply need no other flowers to create drama. This arrangement is created in a low, footed vase and could be a focal point in the center of your room or on your bridal tables.

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