Wedding Floral Arrangements

Wedding floral arrangements come in large and small, bright and muted and certainly there is a large range of different tastes. It takes a while to settle on your "favorites" - but I hope you enjoy the beautiful florals found below.

Dropped in a frosted glass vase and criss-crossed with dainty sheer ribbon, this sweet arrangement is filled with white - roses, Gerbera daisies, asters and tulips, with just a hint of peach in sweetheart roses.

How about this for a different style? Line a box so it is waterproof and fill with a variety of miniature roses for a lovely presentation that would be at home on either a reception table or a shower party.

Hot colors melt together in this blaze of orange and pink. Asiatic lilies, roses, carnations and Gerbera daises pack a big punch in a simple round vase!

Delicate ribbon is tucked among roses, sweet peas and Gerbera daisies. Note the unique filling in the vase and the use of flower jewelry for extra dazzle.

Elegantly poised on top of a crystal candlestick, this centerpiece is much easier to make that you think, if you have an Oasis Iglu.

Brightly colored carnations mixed well with green button pomps, pink alstroemeria and tulips.

For an inexpensive flower, alstromeria makes a stunning impact in orange and red arranged in a clear vase.

Photographs courtesy John Henry. All rights reserved.

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