Wedding Engagement
Invitations Wording

Wedding engagement invitations wording is very similar to the text used for other invites. Feel free to use the sample text below as is or play around with it to suit your own personality.

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Example One has a formal tone, with the invitation being extended by the couple who is hosting the event. Traditional calls for it to be the mother and father of the groom, but etiquette rules have relaxed over the years.

Here the host's names are typed at the bottom rather than at the top of the invitation. Either way is correct and is up to your personal preference.

Notice anything unusual about the invitation below? It actually forgets to tell who the party is for! Remember not to get so caught up in the "look" that you forget to include pertinent information!

"Cordially invited" is an old fashioned way of saying "sincerely" or "heartfelt".

Here's another traditional example and is being hosted by the groom's parents. Notice that they included the bride's first name. Long ago it would have only said "Mr. and Mrs. Jack Smith". Times have changed!

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