Wedding Decorations
for the Church

Make your wedding decorations for the church from inexpensive flowers and greenery.  You'll get a much "bigger" look and save considerable money on your flower budget.

Believe me - the farther distance away your guests are not going to be wowed that you used expensive callas instead of stately gladilous - but your pocketbook will know the difference!

Here's a great favorite that is very cost effective.  The use of baby's breath is coming back into favor again with today's brides.

Sold in grower's bunches, they are packed by weight rather than counted out by stems when processed at the flower farm.

I'm going to lightly fill in these designs with sprigs of baby's breath.  I want a delicate look with the beauty of the greens themselves still showing through.

Cut off short sprigs with your floral knife.  The cut ends glide smoothly into the wet foam.  Flowering the design really only takes a few minutes compared with greening in the design.

You can green in all your designs days in advance and add the flowers on Friday if you desire.  Greens are long lasting and will hold up beautifully designed on a Wednesday for a Saturday wedding.

Just don't forget the Leafshine and to turn the air conditioning down and darken the windows.  Don't leave the greens near a hot window.

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