Wedding Decoration Ideas

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Your wedding decoration ideas can become reality by using the right product for the right job. It doesn't take florists long to create beautiful arrangements when they have supplies made by Oasis.

Browse discount and close out stores for bargains on unusual floral containers.

Pin a pearl headed corsage pin straight up into the bulb of a rose, then rest it on the side of a champagne glass.

>Don't discard leftover petals or "tired" roses. Use the petals to scatter on table tops here and there.

Florist use inexpensive containers to simulate silver and gold metal containers. They are lighter, cheaper to ship, and the cost is considerably lower than the other containers.

Instead of trying to make one large arrangement for narrow, long tables, design smaller flowers to set down at intervals along the table. This will make it so the flowers don't crowd your tableware.

Wholesale Floral Supplies

You can find the same supplies used by professional florists in my store. I carry those hard-to-find items including cut flower food, flower sealants, bouquet holders, topiary forms and more.

These products are usually only sold to professionals through their wholesale flower sources.

Discount Florist Supplies

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