Wedding Cupcakes

I think wedding cupcakes became very chic after Martha Stewart introduced them in her bridal magazine. Suddenly individual cupcake wedding cakes were an overnight sensation! I think it's a lovely idea and eliminates the need of having someone cut the wedding cake.

There are many ways you can display your mini wedding cakes. Place one at each place setting, creating a lovely display for each table.

Use a large tower cake stand for a wedding cake illusion.

This one uses gelatin for the cool red decoration.

Make them all a uniform style or combine a mix of different decorations. Different styles of cakes, but keeping with the same colors will create a sensation of different textures!

Pipe a soft rose completing over a cake. These will have to be served on individual plates.

Polka dots cover the sides of these mini cakes and are gaily topped with a small heart.

For more ideas, check out how to display cupcake wedding cakes and other decorating ideas

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