Wedding Colors
Ideas for Romance

These wedding colors truly inspire ideas of romance and old time elegance. The new twist? Incorporating the new trend of colored wire and other flower accessories for an updated look to old fashioned color schemes.

Cluster of various shades of purple, blue and soft green tones are an elegant combination. Massing flower colors give more impact and mimics the clustered look of the large hydrangea head. The decorative wire easily adds in the turquoise instead of using ribbon.

This candle arrangement (created on several raquette bars taped together with waterproof tape) are a stunning combination of cool blues and violets. The green ivy dangles down, spilling over the edge of a table or mantle for an elegant finish to this lovely design.

Orchids are hot flowers for wedding work and have been bred into an amazing array of colors. Cattleya orchids are clustered as a hand bouquet with a long trail of sprengeri fern entwined with dendrobium orchids. Wired pearls are used to wind around the flowers and garland to create a stunning look.

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