Wedding Color Themes

Exploring wedding color themes is a big step towards planning your wedding. The colors used can weave in all aspects, including flowers, attendant dresses, reception decor and more.

This lovely theme includes soft rose, blue and green hues.

Although many brides are concerned that combining "pink and blue" will give thought to baby showers, you can see by the romantic clustering of these flowers is truly "wedding like"!

Using a deco heart foam wreath creates a modernistic flair to the traditional candelabra! The light green is enhanced by the use of angel hair wire.

An altar arrangement generally needs to be large to offset the distance and high ceilings. Use tall linear stems such as Belles of Ireland and pink snapdragons to create height. The base can support massive head flowers such as hydrangeas or groups of roses.

This lovely arrangement is made on two or three Oasis Raquettes bound together. The raquettes have a convenient built in holder.

You can also add large fragrant Oriental lilies as well as long lines of pink heather. This is arranged on an Oasis Cage.

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