Wedding Color Schemes

The wedding color schemes shown below should help give some aid on choosing a palette for your own event. Don't feel bound by the flowers that are chosen, rather the feel for the combination of colors.

Many different flowers come in a wide selection of colors - but seasons may dictate when a flower is available. Just because a tulip is orange doesn't mean it is readily available for a fall wedding in your area! Click on any thumbnail below to see actual arrangement created in those color combinations.

Don't miss out on more ideas for weddings that you'll find in my numerous flower galleries. There are seven Bridal Bouquet Galleries alone!

Color begin with what makes you happy! Before settling on a particular flower theme, be sure you have your bridesmaid dresses chosen. I've seen brides determined to have particular flower color schemes change their minds suddenly when an particular attendant's gown goes on sale!

The newest trend is to incorporate bold colors with wedding bouquet accents such as decorative wire and bouquet jewels. Manufacturers are quickly coming out with more beautiful ways to make flowers sparkle!

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