Wedding Color Scheme

Always a sophisticated wedding color scheme, these shades of gold, orange and neutrals grays form a palette that is wonderful for summer or fall weddings.

A luxurious cascade of cymbidium orchids, roses,oncidium orchids and yellow solidego aster is stunning. Arrange it on a Elegant Bouquet Holder for extra glamor. The holder is specially designed with a hidden wick in the handle so the bouquet can rest in a vase of water and draw moisture up to the foam head. This is important for outdoor weddings, which can dry out the foam quickly on a regular bouquet holder.

Miniature cymbidium orchids and bright yellow calla lilies spill out the side of an glass urn. Accented with Oasis Beaded Wire and brown bind wire , the design is truly a classic.

This biedermeier bouquet is perfect for this wedding color scheme. It is formed in a pattern where the rings of flowers encircle the center of the bouquet. The center flower is a unique round ball, commonly referred to as "billy balls". The correct name is craspedia. Then you have roses, yellow freesia and collared with a ring of solidego (also known as goldenrod).

Dainty orchids rim this flower girl basket fashioned out of a colored wire collar. The handle is made from beaded wire.

Luscious arch of flowers are designed by wiring two Oasis Spray Bars directly to the candelabra. The color theme is softened a bit by adding in some white to compliment the candles.

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