Wedding Color Palette

I LOVE this wedding color palette! I adore mixing jewel tones - especially deep purples with dusty blues and rose. These colors lend a sophisticated air to your reception hall.

Start with the gorgeous cascade by Smither Oasis.Flat wire and diamond wire in contrasting colors of apple green and purple add lone lines to this trailing beauty. Deep purple is accented with Mega Beads.

The attendant's bouquet can have a similar look, minus the cascade tail. You can choose dresses in this color palette to complete a perfect background for the flowers, Clear green, deep burgandy or purple would be very lovely! Notice again how the Mega beads imitate a grape cluster trailing off the side of the bouquet. Burgandy callas encircle the bouquet, giving it a living bouquet collar.

Fuchsia anemones, green viburnum and purple asters contrast with the lighter trailing ivy and lavender stock.

Drama is what this wreath is all about. Formed on an Oasis wreath base, the flowers are done in a pavé style. This simply means the flowers are grouped together, usually forming color patterns that are distinguishable.

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