Wedding Color Ideas

Stunning wedding color ideas using a product by Oasis called Rainbow Mini-Cubes! Display splashes of mixed colors or all the same in clear vases and unique floral designs. This is the florist foam that's meant to be seen!

These one-inch cubes can be cut smaller, mixed with other colors or combined with Rainbow Powder Foam for some of the most unique wedding centerpieces you've ever imagined.

Show them off in a clear vase, pierced with decorative wire or pinned with colorful corsage pins.

All pink against a deep red is combined in a chocolate brown container for a romantic display.

Charcoal cubes against the deep red of Gerber daisies is an awesome contrast choice.

Combine a mix of colored nested in a design ring or natural grapevine wreath.

Different hues of pinks and reds give a wonderful design technique with these Stargazer lilies.

Bury red cubes in pink powder for a very cool look against a clear container.

Jazz up a dozen roses in a way you've never seen before!

Combine small and large containers for a mixed break-away design.

Place a layer of multi-hued cubes in a shallow container and stand tall stems of flowers in them. Be sure to secure the individual cubes with flower adhesive to the bottom of the container.

Absolutely breathtaking when a simple urn vase is filled with cubes, topped with hydrangeas and criss-crossed with fine boullion wire.

Interested in a black and white wedding theme? Charcoal cubes with white flowers.

These are so much fun in a square vase encircled with angel hair wire - either contrasting or the same color.

See how imaginative you can get with your designs!

Simply topped with short cut roses and a drape of angel hair wire.

Looks good in a square vase as well!

Cool mock parfait would be perfect for a summer, outdoor wedding. This centerpiece won't melt away! Combine Rainbow powder with the cubes on top.

Lucious cheery red with exotic Fire and Ice roses.

Keep the costs down with a single lily combined with lemon grass and mini-cubes.

Small jar vases can be filled with cubes and topped with a single flower.

Filled any clear container, including mugs or glasses.

This simple design is so easy to do - yet looks so elegant! Hope I got your imagination revved up for your own wedding color ideas!

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