Wedding Color Idea

A great wedding color idea for fall is the combination of the lovely hues shown below. Deep olive green and lighter tea green are complimented with different shades of brown.

This would be perfect for a woodsy feel, such as in a Hunting Wedding Theme. I love the fiddle head fern curling above the arrangement. Craft wire is create for an accent and is available in either brown or green.

An earthy collar of magnolia leaves surround cream roses and hypericum berries for an unusual look. Moss is bound with a decorative brown metallic wire and encircles the roses as well. The handle is finished with leaves and twigs (using double sticky tape to attach it) and wound with brown Oasis beaded wire.

Match the color theme wedding bouquet for centerpieces, boutonnieres and corsages as well. The idea is to "pull it all together" so that the different flower elements match.

Your head table or buffet tables can sport taller arrangements using birch branches, magnolia leaves, cream roses and hypericum berries. Band the top of the hurricane globe with flat wire. Miniature boxes wound with the same wire make lovely taper candle holders.

Larger pillar candles grace the inside well of this gorgeous arrangement. Belles of Ireland give a tall graceful line for this church decor piece.

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