Wedding Church Pew
Decorations with Bows and Greenery

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Wedding church pew decorations can be more elegant than just white bows . . much doesn't have to add that much in cost. Back with inexpensive greenery, and simple pew bows can add lovely decor down your church aisle.

Making Pew Bows

Making pew bows isn't as difficult as it looks. You can choose to make your bows out of satin ribbon, a standard favorite of florists because the ribbon is cheap and hold the bow shape well. Tulle pew bows are a little trickier and care must be taken not to crush them out of shape when transporting them to the church.

Pews Bows with Spengeri

Spengeri fern is a natural for church decor. It is usually lush, full and has long draping tendrils. Be careful, though! These have tiny invisible thorns (much like a cactus) and need to be handled with a little care.

Spengeri comes ready to use - simple cut and place the ends in a bucket of water. I mist my sprengeri with a flower sealant such as Finishing Touch to help keep the greens supple and fresh. The greens will shatter a little, so bring a mini vac or a dustpan and broom for a quick cleanup of the aisle after you've fastened your bows to the pews.

Pew Clips

Pew clips are a handy and quick way to create your bows and greenery. Circle the Oasis center with short pieces of the fern, cut the bow wire short and insert deep into the center of the Oasis foam. Finish with long draping ferns under the bottom of the bow.

Photo courtesy of John Henry. All rights reserved.

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