Wedding Ceremony Flowers

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Wedding ceremony flowers add a lovely enhancement to your church decorations. Whether you are making floral arrangements for church altars, a candleabra arrangement or other types of flower arrangements, keep in mind the distance from the pews and how they will be framed in your photos. 

Elevated Floral Arrangements

Before rushing out to rent everything, ask at the church where you are getting married whether they have any elevated flower stands, candelabras, or aisle decor. Many times they do and will probably rent them cheaper than a rental agency.

Elevating floral bouquets like in the photograph below gives much more visibility than placing it on a table or on the floor. 

Cluster Church Florals

If you keep your church wedding decorations closer together (as shown below) they should be framed in all of your ceremony photos. Spreading them far apart may seem like your decorating the church more - but realize everyone's focus is going to be on the on you and your groom. So be sure that is where your flowers are as well! 

Fill in Open Spaces with Ferns

and other Green Plants

See how well the green ferns fill in the open spaces below the candelabras? Large ferns can be found at your local greenhouse for a very reasonable price. They fill in many areas of a large church - keeping with the flavor of the church wedding decorations while providing a lot of "bang for the buck"!! 

Above Photos courtesy John Henry. All rights reserved.

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