Wedding Ceremony Decorations

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Look for your wedding ceremony decorations to set the tone for your overall color scheme. You don't necessarily have to use the same flowers - just the same color palette.

This arrangement creates dramatic interest by grouping similar flowers together. Note that it doesn't have to be totally symmetrical to create an awesome floral!

You can give height to your large arrangements with the interesting use of birch branches or other extenders. The top flowers will need a water source, usually an Oasis florist foam ring.

Creative use of clear containers actually turns the stems into part of the floral design. Masses of similar flowers like these lilies create a lot of visual impact.

Tightly compacted flower arrangements have more effect when grouped so the eye can follow similar arrangements, such as the wreath hung above the candelabra arrangement.

Tall curly willow draws the eye upward and creates a larger feel without adding more flowers to this vase.

In the same manner, creative use of greenery and decorative grasses give a larger feel to this altar arrangement.

Not all arrangements have to be the same. Creative use of different types of designs makes a mantle have a lovely wildflower look, instead of just two vases end to end.

Photos above courtesy of John Henry. All rights reserved

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