Wedding Centerpieces
with Deco Beads

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Wedding centerpieces with Deco beads have got to be the fastest and most fun way to create an easy centerpiece! These water beads are growing fast in popularity with brides. They look absolutely stunning - and can be used over and over again!

These tiny beads swell up when dropped in water and create a glistening, dramatic centerpiece when showcased in a clear vase or bowl.

This elegant vase stands 12" tall. It took three tablespoon of these tiny granular beads and swelled up to fill this entire vase! I dropped a clear votive candle holder in the top and you can see the glow of the candle. In a darkened room, the whole vase seems to glow with the light of a tiny flame.

The beads can sustain plants or flowers. You can either insert the stems directly into the bouquet or cover the top with a clear disposable cake plate, top with a small cylinder of florist foam. Cut the roses short and insert into the foam. Isn't this one stunning? The wholesaler didn't have orange available, so we tinted the water that the beads soaked up. Look how gorgeous it turned out!

I usually suggest tinting the clear beads with Wilton cake dye - since the colors stay true in water. This icing coloring is very cheap and can be mixed into a dazzling array of colors to match your wedding.

Here I took a picture of some of the beads hydrated. I always pour off the water just before the event so you can see the beads clearly in the vase.

Deco also makes a cube that looks like sparkling ice. These beads are so much cheaper than marbles or stones and looks exquisite in the vases. These centerpieces can be made so quickly and are easy to set up in the reception hall.

These beads and other products can be purchased at my online store. Check out this cool slideshow which shows other hot wedding stuff.

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