Wedding Centerpieces
Candles as Wedding Decor

Classic wedding centerpieces use candles to create romance and ambiance. The traditional long and low centerpiece is a favorite for all occasions, including weddings, holidays and large events.

There is, however, a lot of other interesting candles to choose from. Everything from a colored pillared candle to floating battery styles are available now, putting a fresh stamp on a traditional favorite.

I prefer the wax candles made by Patrician. The company has a long history of being a favorite among wedding professional and florists. They make candles that have a minimum of dripping and the smoke factor is low when extinguished.

It is wise to always check with both your ceremony and reception venues to be sure that open flames are allowed. Sometimes fire regulations may required that lit candles be enclosed in glass or even disallowed all together. For these places, you can check into the battery candles to simulate the same look without the danger of an open flame. Floating candles also give a measure of security since the danger of fire is minimized.

Below find an assortment of different types of wholesale candles available in my online store. I also have provided several links to pages filled with ideas for different arrangements with candle ideas.

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