Wedding Centerpiece Ideas

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Wedding centerpiece ideas are so much fun with the new colored Rainbow foam by Oasis. Designed to let the "mechanics" show - you'll be surprised how easy it is to design unique wedding reception decor with these products!

This cool green number is made with cymbidiam orchids, green carnations, green hydrangea and jade roses. It is encircled with rustic wire , a design product from Oasis. It comes in both brown and green and adds an unusual touch to any bouquet.


This fun sunflower centerpiece has added decorative wire accents and uses a round design ring.

Three is better than one! Using matching glass containers, fill each with a block of colored florist foam and connecting them with flowers, wire, ribbon or other design products.

Cut the Rainbow bricks into decorative squares and create a checkerboard pattern in clear glass containers. Rainbow foam comes in fifteen cool colors and sold by 4 pack bricks. Using your imagination and Oasis florist foam products - your centerpieces are sure to be a huge hit!

Learn how to make your own wedding centerpieces using a design ring.

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