Wedding Center Pieces

How to Make Center Pieces with OASIS® Design Rings

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Beautiful wedding center pieces are not as hard to make as you think. You simply need to have the right tools and florist products that will make up flowers quickly, transport easily and keep them fresh for your wedding day!

Taking a flower arranging on-line course can be expensive! Of course, most do-it-yourself brides only want to know a few flower arranging instructions for their own wedding center pieces and bouquets.

OASIS® Design Ring

OASIS® Design Rings are a wonderful product that makes creating wedding center pieces a snap! I love using these because you can green them up several days in advance. If you keep them in a cool area, away from sunlight and keep adding water, the greens lasts for many days.

This is important because it saves you TIME!!

These unique rings can be combined with fresh cut flowers, living plants or both.

The smaller design rings work well for hanging pew ends, flower bases around unity candles, small round table center pieces, etc.

I use the largest one for hurricane wedding centerpieces. A large hurricane globe fits in the middle perfectly.

The flower arranging lesson below features a 14 1/2" Design Ring.

Supplies Needed for Making Wedding Center Pieces

Step 1. Soak Oasis Ring in Treated Water

Be sure to process your fresh flowers correctly as soon as you received them.

OASIS® need to be soaked in water that is mixed with the proper amount of flower food.

(Please don't substitute home remedies of white soda, hard candy or anything else that you've heard of. You'll spend good money for your flowers. Treat them properly just as a florist would).

Do not force the OASIS® down - let it soak up the water gradually. This way you will not have any dry pockets within the foam.

Step 2. Insert the Greens into the Design Ring

Once soaked, the Design ring holds a great deal of water. This keeps the flowers fresh. With a sharp floral or paring knife, begin cutting laterals (small branches) off leather leaf fern and insert into the OASIS design ring. Begin on outer part of the ring. Don't be too perfect how you insert the greens - you want to imitate a growing plant.

Step 3. Fill in with Leatherleaf fern

Fill in with more leatherleaf fern. Cover the OASIS well and from all angles. Don't go overboard. You do need some room to add your flowers.

Other interesting greens are Ming Fern, plumosa and spengeri.

Before you add fresh flowers, spray your greens with a Leafshine product. Meant only for greens, it cleans the leaves, locks in moisture and gives a nice glossy shine.

Without it your greens will look dull. They may even look water spotted with a white residue after water mists evaporate.

Step 4. Add Texture and Interest by Using Grasses

I love adding extra texture in flower arrangements with loops of grasses. Lemon grass is nice and broad. I cut a sharp angle piece and insert it deeply into the OASIS.

You make loops by inserting the tip of the lemon grass back into the OASIS. Leave some others out flat to give more interest.

Step 5. Begin Inserting your Largest Flowers

Whenever using OASIS, try to cut a sharp diagonal on the stem and insert one time. If you keep pulling flowers in and out, the foam with begin to lose its holding ability.

Lay your flower stems up against the design and try to estimate how long you want the stem to be. Leave enough to insert deep into the OASIS, but not so deep each stem begins to hit another.

Note that I placed the carnations on the sides so the head is see from the side (not sticking straight up).

The flowers on the top of the ring face upwards. This gives a nice view of the flower heads from all angles. Do not just stick all the flowers out flat.

Step 6. Finish fill in Holes and Add Filler Flowers

Be sure to look from all sides and fill in any missing gaps or holes with flowers or greens.

This is not the case if you are using OASIS Design Rings in the fun deco colors. The foam on these rings are meant to be part of the design and doesn't use any greenery.

Spray the finished wedding center piece by misting with a flower sealant. Again, don't skip this part and just use water. A good flower sealant helps lock the moisture into the petals and assure that your flowers will last longer.

Keep in a cool area. (A darkened air conditioned room is fine. Do not put the arrangement where the temperature is below freezing!)

Add water treated with flower food to your wedding center pieces each day until you take them to the reception hall.

Step 7. Transport and Water One Last Time

I always mist with a flower sealant one more time before transporting (helps protect against sun coming in windows of car or van.

Be sure the OASIS is good and wet before you deliver.


Pour off excess water outside before you place final arrangement on the tablecloth. There should still be plenty of water to keep the flowers fresh.

I had an overzealous helper add water after setting the arrangements on the table. A puddle seeped out and soaked the tablecloth. So pour excess off and dry bottom before placing on table.

Place a hurricane globe in the center of the Design Ring to finish. I did an extra step with this arrangement and put a floating candle inside a slender cylinder vase inside the globe. I tinted the water slightly with lavender food coloring. They were beautiful!

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