Wedding Candle Centerpiece

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A wedding candle centerpiece can have several different looks when using various colored pillar candles. Instance romance can be added with pearl headed pins or ribbon. Plastic candle stakes for pillars or tapers can be deeply inserted into the forist foam first. This ensures that the candles are gripped firmly into the center of the bouquet.

Candle Centerpiece Ideas

Candlelight can add such a warmth to a wedding reception. Stagger brightly colored pillar candles on different height holders. Place an Oasis design ring at their base. Insert bright hued flowers for an outstanding bouquet that will garner a lot of attention.


You can also place a foam ring around a candle placed on a tall urned-shape bowl. This centerpiece merely needs to be filled in with roses and ivory (or the flowers of your choice.) Be sure to spray the blossoms well with a flower sealant.


For an interesting texture, cut bamboo to fit height of clear cylinder shaped vase. Fit wedge of dry foam down center. Place in a tall pillar candle as shown. Wrap a band of wedding ribbon around the outside of the glass and secure with a drop of fabric glue.


Cluster three large candles in a clay or plastic pot filled with florist foam. Tape candles together at base with waterproof tape. Fill outer rim with roses or other large headed flower. Drape greenery along the outside of the pot.


Drape ivy around staggered candles on different height candlesticks. Centerpieces that are composed of several individual units like this are called breakaway centerpieces. It is nice for giving away at the end of the evening as gifts to your wedding guests.


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