Wedding Candelabras

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Wedding candelabras can be decorated with flowers that match your bridal and attendant flowers. There are several different styles of stands and can usually be rented from a catering or bridal equipment supply. Be sure to reserve your rentals early and check on all requirements such as cleaning, wax removal and return times.

Florist usually use florist foam cages for candelabra flower sprays. Take note of the special holes in tabs created for easy wiring of the floral arrangement to the candelabra. I usually use chennille stems (pipe cleaners) or zip tabs. Be sure your holder is standing secure - the arrangement will weigh more than you think!

These cages work well for greenery, bows and smaller arrangements.

Special candelabras, such as the spiral one pictured below, may require two cages. Wire one to the front and one to the back to give the illusion of all around coverage on the center post.

Photo courtesy of Smithers-Oasis. All rights reserved.

You may need a large jumbo cage if you intend on having a large floral spray. Be sure to secure the tabbed ends tightly to the arms of the stand so the floral arrangement doesn't sag forward. You may want to place a sheet of clear plastic beneath the stand if you have open taper candles. This will catch any drips and prevent costly cleaning bills after the ceremony.

Gerberas, yellow lilies and roses enhance the beauty of this wedding floral arrangement. Notice how the long trails of lemon grass add a beautiful touch.

All flower Photos above courtesy John Henry. All rights reserved.

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