Wedding Cake Table Decorations

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Wedding cake table decorations should enhance the cake - not overpower it. Keep it simple and coordinate it with the rest of the reception decor.

The cake below is embellished with fresh flowers. Creating a floral caketop is much easier than you think.

Roses and miniature carnation are mixed with sprengeri greenery for a timeless look of elegance.

Table candelabras can usually be rented along with napkins, glassware and table settings. The lovely flowers on the candelabra are made by using an OASIS Ring. Be sure to tape the foam with pot tape first to give the foam extra strength.

The rings come in various sizes so you can choose which one fits your table candleset the best.

Fresh cake tops are made with OASIS Iglus. Small cages of florist foam come in two different sizes depending on the diameter of the cake layer. I always suggest placing a clear, disposable dessert plate on the cake instead of placing the Iglu directly on the icing.

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