Wedding Cake Stands

Wedding cake stands can be elaborate, simple, scrolled, floating, and elegant. It is important to choose a stand that will fit in with your wedding theme while complementing your lovely wedding cake.

Tiered Wedding Cake Stands

Tiered wedding stands typically suspend or separate cake layers with the use of columns and plates. The single column stand has one single pole up the center so it is hidden from view.

There are also tiered cake stands that use pillars around the parameter of the cake. This leaves an area inside the pillars to place flowers, cake toppers and other decorations.

Floating Cake Stands

There are stands that seem to magically make the separate cakes "float" in the air. The single arm in the back of the cake stand can have bows added, pearls wrapped or other decorative touches.

Carriage Cake Stand

Carriage Stands are usually large elaborate affairs that are used for special wedding themes such as Cinderella, Princess and Fairy Tale weddings. These stands are quite costly and it is better for you to investigate renting instead of purchasing.

See a sample of a Carriage Cake Stand at

I have seen cake tables turned into "carriages" with balloons . . . but I think they are way overdone. For the price, you would be better off renting or purchasing the actual stand. You can always resell it on E-bay!

Silver Cake Stands

When looking for a silver wedding cake stand, the bride usually means a cake plateau. Although usually made of stainless steel instead of actual silver, this beautiful stand generally comes in square or round shapes.

Often embossed with scrollwork or engraved designs, these lovely wedding cake stands are a perfect foil for the stacked cakes.

Cake Stands with Acrylic Pillars

These acrylic pillars give this tiered cake an elegant glass look between the layers. This stand has extra plates for a much taller look. You have the option of using the number of tiers you prefer.

Tiered Cake Stand with Arm Base

Replacing a tiered base plate with a four-armed based stand allows the cake baker to place satellite cakes around the bottom of the wedding cake.

Fountain Wedding Cakes

Tall pillars under the bottom layer of this wedding cake allows for a fountain inside the cake. This Kolor Flo Fountain is made by Wilton Cakes and is electrically operated. Surround the base with silk or fresh flowers to help hide the mechanics of the fountain and give a more finished look.

All above photos are courtesy of Wilton Industries

Find many of the above stands in my Wilton online store. Please note that photos may depict a product that has been discontinued.

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