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Ahhhh . . . so you're on a wedding cake search! That almighty quest to find the PERFECT combination of icing, looks and taste! I remember my daughters browsing and searching and looking for theirs. (Hmmm. . . when I got married all I got to do was go to the local baker, flip thru a couple of pages and say "That one.")

It's definitely different with today's bride. Between Martha Stewart's magazines, bridal magazines and thousands of pictures on the internet, you have lots of choices.

Let's move on and look at each part of a perfect cake! Check out all the pictures on each page.

Rolled Fondant

The biggest new thing in a search as important as this one is for that fabulous fondant icing! This beautifully smooth icing has brides sighing over them.

If you have a desire to try your hand in creating your own beautiful cake (or maybe a loving friend or aunt!) then take a look at the tools you'll need.

Fondant Tools

There are also many helpful books by Wilton Cakes that show you how to make YOUR dream confection step by easy step.

Visit my affiliate store to find all the fondant tools made by Wilton.

What is more Luscious than Chocolate Fondant?

What's better than a rolled fondant? A CHOCOLATE one! These always seem to make a big hit with the groom. If you don't want a your main one to be chocolate, consider having a chocolate groom's cake made especially with him in mind!

Check out luscious Chocolate Fondant that will make you drool!

Cupcake Wedding Cakes

Made famous by Martha Stewart, wedding cupcakes are now very chic! So many flavors can be incorporated into these little individual serving cakes that it will be hard for your guests to choose.

Still want more? Ok . . . here' more cupcake wedding cakes!

Wedding Cakes by Seasons

On to the next great wedding cake search. Looking at by the by the season.

To go to my page describing some Fall Autumn Wedding Cakes.

Don't let those chilly months put you off. Glittering Winter Wonderland cakes are a vision to the eyes.

Just What is "The Perfect Wedding Cake"?

While we're on the subject on a Wedding Cake Search . . just how do you make "The Perfect Cake"?

If you plan to make your own - start with the best supplies.

Wilton cake designers make some of the loveliest cakes you can imagine!

Unusual and Unique Designs

What shaped cake design do you favor? Round, heart-shaped or oval? Hexagon or square? See some beautiful photos by Wilton decorators in all these different shapes to help make up your mind. Trust me, it'll be hard to decide which unusual wedding cakes that catch your fancy.


Beautiful stands are the next topic of our wedding cake search. Do you want a tall tiered layers, an elegant stacked design or one that seems like it is "floating on air"?

Take a look at my Wilton store to see many beautiful choices at reasonable prices.


The final search brings us to finding the perfect topper. Do you want a romantic one, a funny topper or aone made up of fresh flowers? Click on the photos in the right column to see some interesting and unusual toppers.

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