Wedding Cake Recipes

Many DIY brides search for wedding cake recipes, so I decided to go to the experts. Since I am a Wilton products representative, I have already shared Wilton's cake recipes. Once you get to the decorating part, check out the pages on Buttercream Icing and Royal Icing. The wedding cake designers I have met over the years usually use a quality box cake mix that has been adapted to create a denser cake suitable for stacking.

Using the regular directions on the cake box will product a light fluffy cake that crumbles easily and is harder to ice and decorate.

Here is the directions straight from Duncan Hines on adapting their cake mixes for party cakes.

White Wedding Cake

First - the suggested adapting techniques for white cakes:

Chocolate Wedding Cake

Chocolate cakes are different in texture, so here is the adaptions for the chocolate cake mixes:

Wilton has a wonderful wedding forum where other professional and home bakers share their "best secrets" for decorating wedding cakes. If this is your first time - it's a wonderful and friendly place to visit and ask lots of questions!

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