Wedding Cake Pictures

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Need to see wedding cake pictures to get the creative juices flowing? You'll find lots on this site, including pink cakes, unusual cakes, fountain, tiered and more. Explore the links found on the bottom of Home Page and zero in one the ones you want to see!

These lovely cake designs are by the experts at Wilton Industries. This smooth beauty with delicate scrolling is called "Lasting Impressions".

This one is "Love Above All" and is made with an oval pan cake set by Wilton.

This "Floral Tones" cake is made with round pans using the basic set of the tall tier stand.

This precious "Heart's Treasure" cake can be made with graduating sizes of heart pans and placed on tiers. It also works well as a beautiful showpiece for a bridal shower.

Aptly named "Black Tie Affair", this bold confectionery features a deep black fondant icing overlaid with a pink base. Stunning!

"Thriving Romance" would be a perfect foil for a garden wedding.

This "Love Triumphant" display is made in an 8" and 12" round pans, but can easily have more layers added if needed.

All photos courtesy of Wilton Industries. All rights reserved.

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