Wedding Cake Gallery

Welcome to the newest wedding cake gallery of Wilton cakes for 2009. These wedding cake designs will give you lots of ideas for your own beautiful day! Remember that cakes can always be scaled up or down according to your guest list. Adding or omitting layers or satellite cakes doesn't usually alter the look of the design that much.

This first cake is truly a work of art, with different pastel layers showing unique icing adornments.

This cake is called "Pearl Dust Perfection" and the picture just doesn't do it justice! Delicate shades of ivory compliment the slightly darker shade of roses.

This unique cake is "The Picture of Romance" and features four square layers rising up on the curved pillar set by Wilton.

It'll feel like spring has already sprung with this lovely "Breezy Blossoms" by Wilton. The flowers are made out of rolled fondant and can be made in advance of the wedding.

The unusual shape of this cake is made by using Wilton Paisley wedding pans. Ready to use fondant can be used to create the colorful flowers that adorn this charming cake.

Beautifully presented on a scrolled cake stand, this cake can be tinted to match any wedding color scheme.

This "Eternal Embrace" cake is a delicate combination of white and blue tiers. The delicate scallop trim rises up on the side of the cake.

"Petal Panorama" is the name of this delicate cake. Don't you love the cutout impressions in the side of the fondant?

"Taking the Big Step" is an appropriate name for this bold cake. Absolutely stunning in chocolate fondant with flowing ribbons down each side.

With crystal tiers, this sweet cake is called "Love Shines Through". More layers can be added as needed to increase the servings of this cake.

Above photos courtesy Wilton Industries. All rights reserved.

If you would like to see more cakes, start with the Wedding Cake Search link. You'll find Wilton wedding cake pan sets available in my store, along with a large choice of cake toppers. Be sure to check out my fresh floral section for ideas on your bridal flowers.

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