Wedding Cake Flowers

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Fresh wedding cake flowers are beautiful adorning a cake. Be sure to take precautions of placing a clear disposable plate between the wet florist foam and the icing to prevent contamination.

These type of cake toppers are actually very easy to make and design up quickly.

Simply cut the stems shorter in insert into the foam, covering it completely. Tuck in a few of the greens left over from your wedding flowers.

You may have to insert the flowers between layers as you are assembling the cake.

Wilton has special water tubes for inserting into the cakes to keep the flowers fresh - yet not put stems directly into the cake itself.

Long pieces like trailing ivy can be added at the last minute to "connect" the cake layers. I usually use silk ivy, even if the flowers in the toppers are fresh. You can buy silk that looks very realistic and it bends easily and creates beautiful connecting tiers.

The Iglu foam holder by Oasis by Oasis comes in two different sizes and works very well for larger cakes.

The Mini Deco by Oasis is marvelous for smaller cakes and top layers.

Flower photos courtesy of John Henry. All rights reserved.

You will find it and other fresh flower supplies available in my store.

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