Wedding Cake Design

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Looking for a wedding cake design idea? Do you like stacked cakes, round cakes, heart shaped or hexagon? See pictures of the latest designs to find your favorite.

Square Wedding Cake

A classic that is gaining wide popularity again is the square. Updated with fondant for a super smooth surface, the cool crisp lines makes this one a winner!

Heart Shaped Wedding Cake

Heart shaped cakes bring out the feeling of romance and candlelight! Who's heart wouldn't melt at the sight of a beauty like this?

Oval Wedding Cake Design

This stacked oval cake has the simplicity that appeals to many a modern bride. The interesting pattern down the side of the cake adds a unusual look to this design.

Another oval cake catches the eye because of the interesting use of different colors on each layer. Who says a wedding cake has to be white?

All above Photos compliments of Wilton Cakes. All rights reserved.

Round Wedding Cake

A round wedding cake with a new twist. The special tiers between this wedding cake allow the bride and groom to insert photos. Wouldn't this be a beautiful spot to display your engagement photos?

Photo compliments of Wilton Cakes. All rights reserved.

Another round cake divided by a scrolled cake stand.

Candlelight adds a glow of warmth to this simple round cake. Separating the layers into different staggered heights makes more interest in this wedding cake.

Photo compliments of Wilton Cakes. All rights reserved.

Tiered Wedding Cake Design

Tall tiered stands give an elegant look to this classic cake. Note the cascade of fresh roses down the staircases at the bottom. To see more designs with various cake stands, click here.
Choosing a topper can add a lot as well. My affiliate stores have many unique wedding cake toppers including monogrammed, personalized, funny and themed.

Photo compliments of Wilton Cakes. All rights reserved.

Hexagon Shaped Wedding Cake

One of the more unusual shapes is a hexagon.

A new idea that is catching on is cupcake wedding cakes! If you would like to see some examples of these, cupcake wedding cakes.

Photo compliments of Wilton Cakes.

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