Wedding Cake Decorations

When wedding cake decorations include fresh flowers, you must take care that the flower stems don't contaminate the icing or cake. Flowers may have been sprayed with insecticides or have been stored in water that has dirt and germs.

Using water tubes will keep the flowers fresh and prevent contamination at the same time.

Water spikes from Wilton can be washed first, then inserted gently into the icing. It will hold the stem of one large flower or several small ones. The white water tube blends in more easily than the traditional green ones found in floral shops. Be careful not to overfill with water so it won't leak into the cake.

Fresh flower cake toppers are easily made on Oasis Iglus.

They come in two different sizes. You will need a small clear plate to set the Iglu on so it won't rest directly on the icing.

Use an Oasis wreath base to create a ring of flowers around the bottom of your cake.

Insert cut wooden dowels around the inner circle of the wreath base so it can support the bottom plate of the cake. It is advisable to also have a supporting bowl in the center (resting on the table) as well. This will distribute the weight of the cake evenly.

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