Wedding Boutonniere

Gold Wire Accents

Keep your wedding boutonniere fresh by misting it with a flower sealant like Finishing Touch.  I use this product on every design I create.  It seals the moisture into the petals and prevents moisture loss that causes petal to become translucent.

This is especially important if you create your flowers a day or two in advance and store in the refrigerator.  Home refrigerators take humidity out - florist coolers put humidity in.  A flower sealant helps solve this problem.

The final result is a gorgeous boutonniere.  Pretty as a ribbon wrap turns into stunning with the gold wire as an accent.

Pin all boutonnieres on the wearer's left lapel.  Push corsage pins up under the lapel and into the flower head, concealing the sharp pin point in the rose.

You can create other boutonnieres with different flowers and accent with wire in a similar manner if roses are not your desired flower.

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