Wedding Boutonniere

Lily Grass Accents

Lily grass is a favorite greenery of mine.  I like using it in wedding boutonnieres, corsages, bridal bouquets and centerpieces.

Some of my competitors insist that you buy ten bunches at a time.  I think this is excessive, since one bunch is enough for several corsages and boutonnieres.  I allow my own customers to buy single bunches of greens and flowers, that way they can mix and match and buy only what they need instead of investing over $100 on one greenery.

Lily grass is broader and stiffer than bear grass

I laid the tip of one blade across the decorative wire loops.

Cut off at a sharp diagonal at the bottom of the grass, just above the curled wire tips.

Here's a side view showing the placement of the lily grass.

Tape into place with floral tape, securing it to the wire loops at the twist.

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