Wedding Bouquet
Make a Wire Collar

Easy Step by Step Directions for Making Bridal Bouquets

For a unique wedding bouquet, make a gorgeous collar with decorative wire that is available in many different colors. This wire is so flexible you can twist and pull it easily with your fingers.

I began this tutorial by showing you the remarkable self-wicking capabilities of the Elegant bouquet holder . These beautiful holders come in both silver and gold and in three different styles.

While the holder is soaking in water treated with fresh flower food, begin molding your wire into interesting shapes to create a collar.

How tightly you coil the wire is up to you, but try to begin with a size of design that you stay consistent with all through the whole collar.

Curve the wire back onto itself, create figure "s" shapes, large loops and more.

If you dislike your pattern, you can straighten it out and begin again.

Don't worry about being too exact. The pattern will begin to take on a life of it's own.

You will need a round shape for round bouquets - oval for cascades.

When the collar is large enough for your needs, fasten the cut end onto a loop near the beginning and pinch tightly shut. Be sure no cut ends stick out that can snag delicate fabrics of dresses.

Gently flatten the loops against the counter or table to create a frame for the holder.

The next step is to attach your wire collar to the bouquet holder.

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