Wedding Bouquet Ideas

Great wedding bouquet ideas can be discovered in these photos! Be sure to check out my "how to" tutorial section to learn how to make different styled bouquets, corsages and boutonnieres.

This first gorgeous photo sports a lovely cascade with trailing ivy. Mixing various colored roses and alstromeria looks gorgeous - doesn't it?

Pink Asiatic lilies, white mums, and pink roses give a touch of English garden to this sweet nosegay.

The bright colors in this bouquet absolutely sizzle! The combination of bright orange carnations, blue bachelor buttons, blue delphinium, hot pink roses and pink Nerine lilies makes this bouquet rock!

Hot pink Gerbera daisies take the focal point in this great garden mix.

Softening the hues to pastels takes this bouquet down to romance. Note the mixing of soft peach and pink - a combination that seems unlikely - but it works well in this bouquet.

Old fashioned elegance comes to mind with a long cascade of white stephanotis.

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