Wedding Bouquet Handle

Covering the wedding bouquet handle with florist tape  is optional.  The bouquet handle is clear and can be used as is.  In this tutorial I will show how to create a mock hand tied look, covering the bouquet handle with flower stems.

I always like to ensure that my mechanics are completely covered and don't want any part of the handle showing beneath the flower stems.  Skip this step if you prefer.

Florist tape has a stretch to it and adheres to the handle and to itself.  Start at the end of the handle, and pull the tape taut, winding it around the handle.

It is wise to use professional tape sold by a quality floral wholesaler.  Sometimes older florist stock  house is sold off to discount and dollar stores.  The result is that those tape spools may be dried out and not adhere properly or (worse) become a sticky gooey mess.  (I found out this the hard way when doing an out-of-town wedding!)

Florist tape isn't that expensive and it's worth investing in a few quality rolls if you plan to do much wedding work.

Once the handle is completely covered, tear off the tape and stretch it up tightly around the base of the bouquet holder.

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