Wedding Backdrops

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Wedding backdrops are used to create a beautiful frame for wedding photos. They are commonly used as decor behind the wedding ceremonies, cake tables and bridal head tables.

Some brides rent or buy columns, arches or other large free-standing pieces to use for this purpose. Decorating them can be a challenge at times.

Using Jumbo Oasis Cages  or Oasis Sculpting Sheets work well for fresh (or silk) designs on top of flat surfaces like these columns.

A lighted arch makes a lovely backdrop - even with nothing but greenery! This is a long, draping greenery called plumosa. It's fairly inexpensive and covers an archway very quickly.

You can hug the flowers on top of a column and allow them to drape down the sides. The greenery used here is spengeri fern.  I generally recommend  tree fern, however, because sprengeri has thorns and sheds a lot of needles. 

A soft weaving of tulle and ribbon makes this framework have a wispy look. The greenery has been touched lightly with a gold paint spray.

I love using tall palm plants in large urns as a backdrop to cover doorways and other areas you want to screen. You can check with local nurseries - they may even rent them to you for a weekend.

Wire a floral cage to a pillar and create a virtual wreath of greenery with a large bow. Much cheaper than flowers, it still creates a stunning look!

Shimmera is a lightweight fabric with an iridescent look. It displays brilliant color tones and is wonderful is great for draping, covering tables and creating stunning backdrops.

Premium Tulle comes in 50 yard rolls and can be used to decorate tables, columns, and more. This high quality tulle features a fine gauge and is available in a wide selection of vibrant colors - wide enough to cover large areas.

Glitter Taffeta comes in a 20 yard roll and has a bold and shiny finish that can cover walls, tables, create awesome backdrops and more.

Solid Color Gossamer comes in large, 100 foot rolls and can be used for decorating tables, walls, floors, and chairs.

There is a very helpful book out called "How to Decorate With Gossomer". Look for it when you check out the links for the fabrics discussed above. It's very cheap and worth the read to education yourself on working with these decorating fabrics.

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