Wedding Backdrop Panels

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Wedding backdrop panels are used to cover unattractive walls and stages for a wedding reception. Creative use of draping fabric and lights creates beautiful ambiance and sets to mood for romance.

These panels come in difference sizes, colors and options such as lighting.

These are designed for easy setup and dismantle quickly after the event is over.

There are a lot of creative ways you can use these drapes. Prices are set from economy to elaborate - you are in control.

Spotlights are available as well as colored shields that can turn your backdrops into complementary colors that will go perfect with your own wedding.

Coordinate with matching skirting available in different styles. Consider sharing the expense with other brides or sell online after the wedding is over.

I managed to recoup all the costs of both my daughter's weddings by selling the decorations to a event planning company.

A wall of lights hangs behind this curtain to creating a stunning display.

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