Basic Bridal Bouquet Design Techniques

Waxflower is one of my favorite filler flowers. Tiny star-like flowers come in shades of pink, white and golden yellow. Although this filler is available year round, there are "off seasons" when the harvest is much more grassy and with very few flower heads. Check with your wholesaler if your wedding date falls in a good harvest time for this delightful flower.

I like using this dainty flower as a mass filler - which means I cluster several stems of it in an area of the bouquet for a bigger impact. This flower can also be used the same way you would babies breath, filling it in among all the flowers of your bouquet for a gorgeous accent.

This lovely bouquet is ready to be treated with Floralock, a stem adhesive that locks the flowers into place and prevents any of them from sliding out of the foam as the bouquet is handled.

Don't forget a good misting of Finishing Touch , which seals the flower petals, keeping them hydrated and fresh all through your wedding day.

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