Easy Wedding Centerpiece

Water Deco Beads

Easy wedding centerpieces can be so easy with Water Deco Beads.  This product was originally known as soilmoist - intended to help hydrate lawns.

But they found that that made amazing looking centerpieces - and so cheap to do!  This one jar below makes 8 gallons!

It took only one tablespoon of these tiny beads to fill this water vase full of clear water beads.

Follow the directions found on the back of the jar for the correct ratio of water to measure of beads.

It does take quite a few hours for the beads to hydrate and begin absorbing the water.

It's hard to tell at first, because before the water is drained off, the beads are virtually transparent in the water.  This is how some florists suspend flowers and other objects in "clear water".  They are actually using water beads.

The beads begin to swell and get larger as they absorb more and more water.

You can see after several hours that the vase is filling up with the deco beads.

Once the beads are completely saturated,  I drain the water out before transporting in tightly closed containers to the reception site.  The beads can be hydrated well in advance.  They keep very well in closed containers.

The beads are available in shimmering clear, blue, pink and purple.  You can also dye the clear beads in colored water and they will take on the colors of the dye.

For truer colors, I usually recommend that you purchase Wilton Frosting food dye, which is available in a lot of different custom colors and deliver a much truer color than the red, yellow, green and blue dyes found in the grocery store.

The final beads are the size of large marbles and have a slippery, wet texture.

Beautiful in a clear vase, they are really stunning if you insert a submersible light for evening events!  They literally make the arrangements glow, adding to the romance.

The beads can be used to turn ordinary clear vases into extraordinary wedding centerpieces!

Watch the below videos for more ideas.  Just be sure not to dump the beads down your plumbing after using.

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