Water Bead Lighted Vase

This water bead lighted vase has been very popular with my brides.  Although it looks complicated, it's much easier to create than you think. 

Realize that you can achieve a similar look without having to use the same flowers or colors.  The flowers are simply a tightly clustered dome shape accented with seeded eucalyptus (minus the leaves).

The fresh flower products you'll need are about 18 - 19 mixed open roses of the colors of your choice, 5 stems of seeded eucalyptus, 1 flax leaf, and about a quarter of a bunch of bear grass.

You'll need a 6" tall clear vase.  I usually recommend that brides look locally for their glassware, as shipping off the internet can be costly plus breakage could be a last minute problem.  The vase used above was a simply hourglass shape and can be purchased off of Amazon if you can't a similar vase elsewhere.

The vase is filled with clear or colored water beads.  They come in assorted colors and make a stunning arrangement with or without lights.

You will want to hydrate the beads a couple of days before the wedding.  Check out my simple demonstration of how to prepare your water beads in advance.

For the arrangement on top, you'll need an inexpensive container.  I would use a silver reflective bowl which hides your foam.

You'll need anchor pins to hold the wet foam in place.  You can push them onto the bottom of the container with florist clay

The same clay adhesive will be used to attach the finished centerpiece to the top of the glass vase.  You want to be careful to do this AT THE RECEPTION HALL!   Do not try to transport finished centerpieces or they'll be in danger of tipping over.  It's much easier to fill the vases with the beads at the hall and then rim the glass lip with some florist clay and press the arrangement onto the vase.

You will also need florist foam for your arrangement.  You can either cut a round 4 1/2 inch Oasis sphere in half . . .

or simply cut a brick of Oasis foam into thirds.  The brick is marked for easy cutting.

The anchor pins hold the foam into place, but florists often use waterproof tape for extra security to hold the foam in place.  Keeping the mechanics in place is important if you have to transport the centerpieces for a long distance.

The finished centerpiece is place on top of the vase filled with the water beads.  Rim the top with florist clay and then press the flower container firmly down. 

Set the centerpiece on a 6" Maxi E-Luminator, which is a battery powered uplight.  Be sure to arrangement for someone else to switch the lights on shortly before the guests are to arrive.

You can also create extra illumination in the flowers by tucking in smaller lights that also can turn off and on.

If you need some guidance on making the flower design, be sure to check out my step by step tutorials for great arranging tips.  You can learn how to make centerpieces, corsages, bridal bouquets and more!

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