Shrub Viburnum

Basic Bridal Bouquet Design Techniques

Viburnum is actually a shrub - not a flower grown on it's own stalk. It is very water loving and will wilt easily if you don't provide a constant water source. It is wonderful used as a mass flower to fill in bridal bouquets and centerpieces.

The laterals are soft stemmed and grown off a main woody branch, so you must wire and give additional support if you plan to use it in bridal bouquets.

First cut the lateral off the main branch as close to the trunk as possible. Remove the leaves if you don't wish for them to be a part of your design.

Gently insert a 22 Gauge wire up the stem, in among the tiny clusters of viburnum blooms.

Bend the top of the wire into a hairpin hook, slide down and catch the hook in among the laterals of the blooms.

Tape with florist's tape down the entire stem, beginning at the top right under the flower clusters. Stretch and pull the tape as you wind it around the stem, causing the tape to stick to itself.

Do NOT tape over the cut end of the flower. You don't want to restrict the ability of the flower to draw water up it's stem.

For additional support, I generally attach a Cowee pick. This is a slender shaft of green wood with a wire attached to one end. It swells once in the wet foam, causing it to stay tightly in place.

Using the wire from the Cowee pick, I wrap the flower stem tightly down the entire stem. It's now ready to use in the bridal bouquet.

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