Using Green Roses

Bridal Bouquet Design Techniques

When adding green roses to this bride bouquet design, I want to be sure to allow enough stem so that I can insert it deeply enough into the foam to hold, yet still have a couple of inches above the foam level.

Before inserting the rose into the foam, remove any bruised or damaged outer petals. Always leave these on until right before using in your design, since they protect the inner rose petals.

This rose is called "Jade" and adds lovely texture and color to this wedding bouquet begun with Cymbidium orchids. I insert the first green rose about 1" into the foam. If I went much deeper, I would soon have so many criss-crossed stems that I would be unable to insert any more flowers.

I now insert a third Cymbidium orchid down on the lower left, surround the green rose.

Here is a side view so you can actually see how much the flower heads are above the level of the foam. See how some of the stems are bent to give the full face of the flower at the best angle in the bouquet.

I now insert a second Jade rose towards the top, tucked in between two orchids and just slightly deeper, to give some texture and depth to the bouquet.

I will now move on to other flowers, inserting more green roses later into the mix of flowers.

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