Unusual Floral Designs

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Unusual floral designs really catch the eye of your wedding guests. Find on specific focal point and wow your guests with an over the top flower arrangement. Flowers don't have to be predictable or traditional!

This design is fairly simple, but the unique way of using hala leaves in a Lomey Wire Collar is intriquing. The smaller accent balls are Oasis Floral Foam spheres covered with Kermit pompon mums and allium. How cool!

This arrangement is compliments the flower arrangement above. Using a square cut tall vase, this arrangement is made with a segment of Oasis floral foam garland. Note the clever use of corsage pins used to wrap the hala leaves around the foam.

This design incorporates Cherry Oasis Rainbow foam, Gold Oasis decorative wire, and a gold design.

Using Oasis spheres, this trendy floral arrangement is so easy to design!

A design ring is a perfect base for this combination of apples, limes, artichokes, calla lillies, anthurium, aspidistra and salal leaves. Coiled in the center is an accent of Silver Oasis Two Tone wire.

Break away arrangements are made by combining several different unusual containers, varying heights, with a central theme.

Bind the bottom stems of flowers with decorative wire and place Sisal (a colorful accent of natural dyed plant fibers) around the base.

Who says a dozen roses has to be boring? Look at the fabulous design that breathes new life into a very "traditional" arrangement!

Blue sisal and Angel Hair wire enclose this clear square vase with yellow roses nestled within.

You can find all these Oasis products needed to create the designs above in my store, plus many other wedding supplies.

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